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Cultured Marble Transformation

The face of cultured marble will never be the same!

We are proud to introduce our “photofuzion” process, our “photofuzion 6300” press and the product that will change the cultured marble and solid surface industries forever… “TruStone.”

With the advent of TruStone Products’ new “photofuzion” technology it is now possible to embed large format high-resolution images of beautiful natural granites and marbles into the surface of cultured marble. This can be accomplished for approximately the same cost as the granite chip and veining techniques currently used in today’s cast polymer products, however the results are superior.

Our “photofuzion” technology allows our dealers to duplicate any surface, or for that matter anything that can be photographed or created graphically, and “fuze” it into a cultured marble surface.

Customers no longer have to settle for the faux styles of cultured marbles currently available. Now they can experience the look of the real thing in “TruStone”… without the high-end cost, maintenance and weight of natural stone.

The photofuzion Process

Heat and pressure combine in our Photofuzion technology to transfer breath-taking images into the surface of various cast-polymer substrates, particularly cultured marble.

Our “photofuzion 6300” press creates these conditions accurately and consistently project after project.

Image Gallery

Our Image Gallery is the “Heart and Soul” of our business. We have gone to great lengths to develop one of the largest collections of large-format high-resolution images available anywhere.

We have developed technology to create images at a 1:1 ratio up to 5 feet by 10 feet in size while maintaining intricate detail. We initiated our image library with the most beautiful granites and marbles available, and we are constantly adding to this collection. We will be adding many other images over the months to come, including a collection of woods, accent trims and scenery.

We encourage you to use your imagination, and if there are other images or materials you would like represented in our galleries please let us know… we will continue to grow and produce the most comprehensive collection of large format high-resolution images available in the world.

Print Ordering & Processing

Our dealers have a key, which allows them to review and select specific images in our “Image Gallery”. Once an image is selected our dealer may use our “cropping tool” to indicate specific areas of the image he would like printed. When all of these selections have been completed they are simply placed in a shopping cart. When submitted for production, these images are printed, checked for quality, packaged and shipped, generally within 48 hours, to the dealer according to his shipping specifications.

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